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5 Reasons to Choose Betheaces Water Play Mat

Are you tired of constant artwork your toddler provides – starting from your favorite coffee table and ending with your living room walls? Do you want to provide your toddlers a completely safe, mess-free environment, where they can express themselves as much as they want without causing parents extra work?

Imagine: The little one was drawing wildly on the well-painted walls. What a talented baby, but what a mess! Everyone knows, that choosing the best solution for the problem could be incredibly hard and time-consuming. But what if we could do it for you? Let me introduce you to Betheaces Water Play Mat - the solution you are looking for!

Betheaces Water Play Mat is a mat made for drawing – with cute animals on the edges, and different colors it involves kids for magical experience without leaving any mess behind! Nowadays when children are getting more and more involved in technologies, for example, starting from a young age to turn their attention to less practical things like television (cartoons, etc.) – it’s good to turn back time and involve them in something more creative. And that’s what Water Play Mat is here for! Here are 5 reasons for you to consider:

Large size

34.5 x 22.5 inch large, but don’t let that fool you! It’s easily foldable to a compact size, light-weight, and doesn’t require any package for safekeeping. Also, it’s portable for indoor-outdoor activities. And even if you decide to travel – enjoy sunny beaches, rough mountains or calm countryside, Betheaces Water Play Mat can be always there for you. Whenever it requires, unfold it on the desk, floor, or grass, and everything is ready for action.
The size of the Play Mat allows the work of imagination for multiple artists simultaneously. It doesn’t matter if it is your child’s friend from a kindergarten or even you as a grown up, sharing the space and ideas is a wonderful happening altogether.

water doodle mat betheaces toy for toodlers

Safe & reusable watercolor

The technology used provides a completely safe experience for the toddler. The only thing required for creating his masterpiece is clean water. Fill the pen with clean water and you are good to go. Drawings magically disappear after 3-10 minutes (depends on the temperature and air flow), and the Play Mat can be used again and again. Different colors are already built into the Play Mat, divided into sections for colorful content. Different drawing templates and booklets for more complicated artwork are also included. Play Mat is non-toxic and non-polluting, so you don’t have to worry about anything that could keep you from enjoying the wonderful experience it provides.

we draw a smile face and the watermark just disappeared within 2 minutes


There will be no mess with Play Mat, specially made for babies and children. The back of the mat is water-resistant nylon material, so wetting the floor while drawing is not an option. And don’t be concerned about Environmental Protection. Play Mat is made from materials that are non-polluting - it leaves no ink, nor paint! The water pen leaves no marks on any other surface except the Play Mat, which allows you to take a deep breath and not worry about the quality of your furniture, walls, or any other thing you hold dear.

Betheaces water play mat mess free

Gift & communication

A wonderful gift for every young artist. As it is compact and portable, your toddler can use it everywhere. And even bring his toddler friends - on the Betheaces Water Play Mat there is enough space for everyone. Even if it is a wonderful solution for developing skills while playing with it alone, it’s always more fun and engaging in the company of friends.
Parents are welcome to get involved too. Kids need your attention, so let's join them and help them better express their ideas while having fun. You will find how amazing your kids are!

Betheaces water play mat is a great toy for kids

100% satisfaction guarantee

It’s guaranteed that your kids will be satisfied. Easy-to-use design and time-saving setup are the best qualities which Play Mat is famous for. Your children will definitely be involved in drawing activities, improving their creativity and self-expression skills. At the same time, you will be satisfied as your child is busy and eventually you can have some time for yourself!

Betheaces Water drawing mat for kids play

In case there is something wrong with Play Mat, and it doesn’t fulfill your needs, it can be returned for reasonable reasons within one month.

In conclusion, Betheaces Water Play Mat is an excellent choice for youngsters enjoying any kind of artwork. Play Mat design is built involving – colorful, with different cute animals on the sides. It’s easy to use, requires only the water and imagination, and develops skills like creativity and self-expression. If you are always uncertain about the gifts for your child or your friend’s child – this definitely is a perfect gift for every single one.