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Betheaces Welfare for Moms|International Women's Day

Hi All Moms!

Happy International Women's Day!

International Women's Day happy moment 

As we know mom always has a lot of housework every day, which is very hard. Especially for children under the age of 10 at home, it takes a long time to pack the toys.

In fact, every child has to enter the "graffiti sensitive period", and in this process, do not teach them to paint too "seriously". Because the reason why children love graffiti is that they have a certain development and coordination with their senses and movements, and a new exploration of the environment is a new exercise.

Betheaces Doodle mat for kids

Scribbling is a process that children must experience. In order to better reduce the burden on mothers, we have launched a special campaign on the water play mat, which is safe for kids and mess-free for mom.

Use 15% off code "38MESSFREE" to get the water doodle mat!

What will you get?

Material:High-quality Non-woven fabric -Polyester Fibre
1*Aqua Magic Mat(with handle color box)
1*Magic Brush
2*Magic Pen
6*Drawing Template
4*Stencils with shape
1*Drawing Booklet