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Do You Know The Transformer Car?

Transformer Car

Believe you have played a lot of cars, but this stylish car transformer is fast racing by a wireless remote. Wonderful lighting, advanced rubber wheels, non-toxic plastic body, and wall climbing make it one of the best racing toys for children. Drive from a flat surface and walls or windows. Based on the fictional characters of Transformers, they will become a robot that looks like Transformers in the movie. Deformed car robot toys are the best gift for children of a young age.

 Pushing the button,  it instantly changes from a character to a car. Moreover, other designed in such that they should look like transformers in all aspects. But it is actually remote-operated racing cars. To achieve very high speed, you can operate it with the remote control. Children are kept on car racing, and especially when they are controlling their vehicles. Children make car racing competitions, and the most important thing is they can also transform their dream car race into a character that they love the most.

High-Quality Material

For quality, this is the most important thing that manufacturers never compromise. Specially designed by a plastic that is safe quality plastic and, most importantly, non-toxic. This plastic ensures high quality and all the safety measures. Having a specially designed charging cable that can be connected and charged from any USB cable. Fully charge your toys in a short time.

Have a high-quality battery, which enables high charging time. It supports a 3x1.5V AAA battery. Baztoy remote operated car is for boys, girls, 3, 4, and 5 years old. At the same time, it also quite much popular in a higher age group toddle.

 Advantages Of The RC Car

One of the best features of these RC operated cars is the lighting effects. These effects are the thing for which children are always excited. These Radio Controlled toys can also perform some amazing stunts. They can be rotated in 360 degrees. Rotating your remote control car in a circle with all the lighting effects at night time is a great scene.

It can travel on every smooth and flat surface such as windows, floors. Turn right / left back and forward, and just stop it with brake lights. These RC car robots have very lightweight but high power suction fan. Heavy yet lightweight and the shock-resistant body of these toys will not crack if they drop from the wall or ceiling.

The infrared remote control controls the speed and direction of the ride. 

Transformation Mode

Convert from car to robot shape with the click of a button. The remodeled shape matches a very famous robot, which is an animated character. This animated character is called the transformer. You can also transform your car during the driving mode. Now, consider your famous character in the shape of a robot that is in your control. The emitting front lights from these robots, create some grand view.  

Floor / Climb Wall Modes Of Driving

Baztoy Remote Control Cars have two modes of driving. One is the wall, and the second one is Floor. In the first mode, it still would be driven on flat surfaces, and the highest speed of it can be achieved in this mode.

 In the second mode, which is wall mode, driven on ceiling, windows, and walls. If the place is not flat or smooth, it can still be driven. Having two switching mode styles is one of the children's favorite cars.

 Remote Control

The remote control movement allows you to control it wirelessly and rotates at 360 degrees. This 360 degrees movement will enable you to keep it rotating in a circle when moving backward or forward. An additional feature in the remote is that it allows you to connect more than one car.  Multiple cars can be connected at the same time, termed as A, B, C, and D so that when controlling these multiple cars, they do not interfere with each other. A total of ten cars can be operated at a time through this latest technology, which is used in these remote.

Recommendation Reason

Personally I am fond of this toy. It has some exceptional features, which makes it one of the best gifts for children. In the wall climbing mode, you can easily drive a car on a wall or window. The lightweight and powerful engine makes it a masterpiece. Built-in exhaust fan draws in air so it can be driven on the wall. The rubber wheel is another thing that makes this task very easy. When the lights are on at night, your favorite transformer is rotated 360 degrees and, most importantly, you are controlling it, so people like this feature.

If there are some ridges or bumps on the wall, this deformation car toy still lands on its wheel and continues the driving. It is one of the best racing cars for children. More than two children can also play with a car together at a time.  Another thing that is essential to mention is that the remote control needs 4 AA batteries, and itself needs charging with an individual charger.  

It’s the best gift for those children who love driving transformation car toys. The body of the car is made of sturdy and non-toxic plastic, which is why it is suitable for children of a young age and one of the best gifts for Christmas.