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Slime Kit for Girls Boys

Betheaces Slime Supplies Kit for Boys
Betheaces crystal Slime Kit fortoddler
Betheaces crystal Slime Kit for kids play

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  • Endless Fun and Creativity: 8 rich and brilliant colors with glitter and slime tools. Fluffy and fun, not sticky. The slime kit is already premade so there is no need for any mixing, messes, and cleanups. Kids can make slime into all shapes and sizes with their excellent imagination and hands-on skills. Overall fun products for kids, or an adult who wants to be distracted.
  • Not moldy, No leaks: reusable container which you can store your slime after playing with so it doesn't become moldy or dry up. All of clear slime and glitter are individually wrapped. With a plastic film on each slime cup, no worry about a leaking package anymore.
  • Stretchy and Durable: Slime is a perfect consistency. Not super sticky or runny. It doesn't stick to your fingers and is super stretchy. And the slime holds up even after ripping it apart. No matter how many times you rip them apart, all the pieces go back together again.
  • Safe and Clear Texture: Crystal slime is made with natural resin, water, and inorganic powder, no harsh chemicals. Slime is of perfect consistency. Not super sticky or runny, no smell. Fun to play with and easy to clean. This slime kit is like jello but it’s cool and clear and it doesn’t easily get dirty. The colors mix together great and the texture remains squishy. You can mix a little of the few colors to make new colors.
  • Great Slime Kit Gifts: it is a very nice set to anyone looking for rainy day activities, sensory exploration, arts and crafts, school projects and activities, or gifts. This slime kit is perfect for a slime-making activity that doubles as the party favor.
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